Got credentials?
My professional history is available on Linkedin.

How/Why did you decide to teach?
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -- Nelson Mandela

What do you do at Highlands?
Right now, I teach Senior English and AP English Literature and Composition.

How do you decide what to teach?
I use the Common Core Standards, based on the appropriate grade level, of course. For my Advanced Placement Literature class, I draw from the AP English Lit. & Comp. Course Description, created by the College Board. You will also find that Mrs. Nash, Mr. Dowling, and I work very closely together to decide which lessons and content will best benefit Highlands students. In fact, we plan so closely together that we use the same syllabi.

What do you like to read?
You can see what I’m reading, what I like, and what I don’t like on Goodreads!

What do you do when you aren't teaching?
When I am not teaching, lesson planning, or grading, I like to read new books, run local distance races, and learn more about the world through travel!